ZSK JAFA 0612 Six Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

The ZSK JAFA 0612 Six Head Commercial Embroidery Machine is just like its smaller brother the Four Head and offers two models to choose from (Standard and Stretch)   As your business grows and you need to increase your production capacity a 6 head or lager machine is often the answer to save time and payroll while increasing your production capabilities at the same time.   If your looking for a true work horse machine designed to produce 24/7 then look no further than the line of ZSK Multi Head Machines

ZSK T-8 Full Color Control Panel

The heart of the ZSK Machine is the powerful, yet easy to use T-8 control panel with many features that are exclusive to ZSK.  The T-8 has an astounding 80 million + stitch memory & can hold thousands of files, the ability to input your next file while the machine is running saves time and the step by step color input shows each segment of the design reducing mistakes.  You can even make file edits if needed on the machine and pop up messages can be controlled for reminders like “Oil The Machine”

Advanced File Trace Function

The ZSK file trace function allows the operator to control the speed of trace, accuracy of the shape of the trace, adjust the machine pantograph mid trace to make adjustments and all this can be done with the needle up or down.

Trouble Free Trimming System

Exclusive to ZSK is the three step trimming system that makes problem trimming a thing of the past !  Now the machine mechanically pulls the upper thread to the proper length prior to trimming so tensions and other settings do not effect the trim length, problem trim lengths are a thing of the past with ZSK !

File Input / Networking

The ZSK T-8 Control panel utilizes Microsoft Windows CE operating system which makes networking and file input easy.  Inputting a file can be done either by using one of the three USB ports or you can network the machine via the Cat 5 connection or set up the machine to operate wireless and if you really want to be efficient you can even use a USB bar code reader and GIS software where the machine will auto load the designs when scanned.

Adjustable Pressure Foot

No Tools Required !  The ZSK pressure foot height can be controlled on the side of each head so its easy to make adjustments and best yet it takes seconds with no tools required.  This easy to use pressure foot height control allows the operator to adjust the pressure foot  as needed to insure higher quality embroidery on specific fabrics or for special applications and its as simple as rotating the switch.

Thread Break Detectors

Machine automatically detects upper or lower thread breaks, stopping the machine, indicating the thread break and eliminating the chance of missed stitches in a design.  Working in conjunction with this feature is the automatic back stitch feature that can be controlled by the operator as well.

Machine Specifications

  • ZSK JAFA Six Head Machine With 12 Needles / Colors
  • Embroidery Field Standard Model 400 X 500 MM / 15.75 X 19.68 inches
  • Embroidery Field Stretch Model 495 X 500 MM / 19.48 X 19.68 inches
  • Machine Width (Left To Right) Standard Model 3440 mm / 135.43 inches
  • Machine Width (Left To Right) Stretch Model 4440 mm / 174.80 inches
  • 6 Year Limited Warranty

What Is Included

  • ZSK JAFA Six Head, 12 Needle Machine With T-8 Control Panel
  • 270 Degree Cap System Including 12 Cap Frames, Cap Driver and Framing Jig
  • (12) each 15 cm & 18 cm Round Allied Grid Lock Premium Hoops
  • (12) Each 30 x 30 cm Square Allied Grid Lock Premium Hoops
  • (6) 31 X 31 cm Allied Double Height Premium Wood Hoops
  • (6) ZSK Tubular Support Arms For Use When Working With Heavy Garments
  • ZSK Operation & Maintenance Manual
  • ZSK Took Kit With Popular Spare Parts

ZSK Cap Embroidery270 Degree Cap Frame

70 X 360 mm
Included with Sprint & JAFA

Tubular FrameTubular Frame

Assorted Sizes Available
Included with Sprint & JAFA

Shoe FrameShoe Frame

60 X 50 mm

Magnetic FrameMagnetic Clamp Frame

320 X 280 mm

Cylinder FrameCylinder Frame

75 X 185 mm

Trousers FrameTrouser Frame

Adjustable 60/95 X 280 mm

Stencil FrameStencil Frame
Multi Window

113 X 25 mm

Ribbon DeviceRibbon / Name Tape Device

15 x 35 mm

Shirt Pocket FrameShirt Pocket Frame

60 x 60 mm

Sequin DeviceSequin Device

Assorted Options, Including Dual

ZSK Boring DeviceBoring Device

Special Applications

Cord LoopingCord Looping Device

Special Applications